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Glastueren24.de stands for high-quality design doors and glass products. The company has built up its reputation over 10 years by constantly setting and expanding the boundaries of door design with new trends, excellent workmanship and new materials. The design of Glastueren24.de is based on the combination of materials and surfaces, textures, patterns and decors. The doors can be finished with a wide variety of processing methods such as digital printing, grooving, sandblasting, decoration, laser engraving, LED lighting or gemstones.

Our Door Design Contest aims to find artistic and creative designs. The inspiration and visual appeal we offer young designer talents to discover and develop. To create iconic products and develop new interior design trends in contemporary residential and commercial buildings, offices and businesses.



1.1 The project executing agency is Glastueren24.de and is based at Glastueren24.de GmbH, Eichenrain 28, D-98574 Schmalkalden (the "project executing agency").

1.2 The title of the competition is Design a Door Contest 2019.

1.3 Entries are possible from 01.11. to 30.11.19.


2.1 The competition is open to all participants worldwide who act in their own personal capacity and who are at least 16 years of age at the time of submission.

2.2 The Promoter will not accept entries that: are automatically computer generated, completed by third parties or filled in in large quantities, illegible, modified, reconstructed, falsified or manipulated, copied or similar to existing designs of other companies and/or are incomplete.

2.3 Contributions submitted on behalf of another person are not permitted and will be rejected from the promotion.



3.1 The contributions must be loaded on the site. https://www.glastueren24.de/door-design-contest-2019/.   Entries must be submitted with the participant's full name, company name (if applicable), address, email address and telephone number.

3.2 The receipt of entries will be confirmed by e-mail and all information regarding participation will be stored by the Promoter.

3.3 Neither the Promoter nor any of its employees, agents or representatives shall be responsible for the non-receipt of any entry. Any loss, delay, illegibility, incompleteness, invalidity or technical or other failures, including those under the control of the Promoter or its employees, agents or representatives.



4.1 Each design must be uploaded as a jpg file with a resolution of 150 dip, 834 x 1985 mm (design template can be downloaded here).

4.2 The copyright Intellectual property and the copyright of the drafts remain with the individual designers. The drafts are only relevant for the competition until 15 December 2020.   Until that date, entrants may not publish or make known in any form the designs submitted. In the event of non-compliance, they will be excluded from the competition. All possible cooperation, which can later be concluded between the designer and the companies supporting the competition, will be regulated separately between the parties. By signing their participation in the contest, the participants declare under their sole responsibility that they are the authors of the submitted projects and sole owners of the respective copyright. Participants assume full responsibility and bear full responsibility for all disputes that may arise from the originality of the works and/or ownership of the above rights.

4.3 Winners must confirm in writing that they have read, understood and complied with the terms of this prize draw and, if applicable, provide proof of eligibility (including but not limited to proof of identity, age and/or residence). Proof of eligibility, which is deemed appropriate for verification, is at the discretion of the Promoter.

4.4 The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, modify and/or change the Competition at any time if, in its sole discretion, it deems it necessary or circumstances arise beyond the control of the Promoter.

4.5 Competition entries may not be returned by the Promoter.

4.6 It is free to participate in the competition, which is open to participants of all nationalities.   By submitting their entries, participants accept the terms and conditions of the competition, including the transfer of the right to reproduce and publish the submitted projects for information and promotional purposes and with the participating organizations.



5.1 The promoter will select 3 winners: first and second place awarded by the expert jury. And the third winner is the People's Door Choice.   The door design that brings the most Likes in the Instagram and Facebook Glastueren24.de.   All admissible applications are received by November 30, 2019 (24:00). The expert jury will announce the 15 designs selections on 07 December 2019. The public will then have the opportunity to vote (from Friday 7-12 until Sunday 15-12) for their favorite project and decide on the People's Vote on Glastueren24.de Instagram and Facebook.

5.2 The competition entries will be judged by a jury of at least three judges. The jury's decision (which is reasonable) is final.

5.3 The Organizer shall send the full names of the judges by e-mail to any person who contacts the Organizer within 5 days of the expiry of the period referred to in paragraph 5.1 of these General Terms and Conditions and requests this information.



6.1 The winners will receive the prize. The prize includes: 150€ first prize, 125€ second prize and 100€ People's Door Choice prize. Only one prize for design.

6.2 Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. The prize cannot be claimed by a third party on your behalf. The Promoter assumes no responsibility if you are unable to claim the prize. The prize will be transferred to an account of the same name in the submitted name.

6.3 The winning designs will be displayed in the company’s catalogues with the names of the winners. Thus you get the chance to reach a large audience with your designs. This will not only bring you the fame you deserve, but also the opportunity to win some money, and perhaps you will soon have the opportunity to create your own complete collection of glass doors, sliding doors, pictures, kitchen backs or cutting boards and become the new STAR in design heaven.



7.1 The Organizer will notify the winners by Instagram and Facebook (Glastueren24.de) on Monday December 16th, 2019.



8.1 By entering the Contest, you agree to indemnify the Promoter and its agents, award winners and their respective employees, affiliates and companies professionally associated with the Contest from any and all liability for losses (including but not limited to indirect, special or consequential damages), expenses or damages suffered (whether due to negligence or not) in connection with any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions.

8.2 The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify or violate these Terms and/or in a manner contrary to the spirit of the Competition any person who, in its sole discretion, interferes with the operation of the Competition.

8.3 The winner may be required to participate in advertising organized by the Promoter or its agents.

8.4 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, neither the Promoter, its agents, awarders nor their respective employees, affiliates and companies or persons associated with this Contest shall be in any way responsible or liable to any entrant and/or winner in connection with this Contest. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing and to the extent permitted by applicable law, neither the Promoter, its agents, awarders nor their respective employees, affiliates and related companies or persons professionally associated with this Competition shall be liable for any loss, damage, injury or death arising out of the winner's use of the prize. Your statutory rights are not affected by this paragraph.

8.5 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and you agree that all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or the Competition shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Schmalkalden Meiningen.

8.6 All details about Glastueren24's products can be found at www.Glastueren24.de in the area of the Glastueren24 design competition.

Here you can download your template: Download template

By submitting the form and your participation, you agree to the conditions of participation.

Thus, you get the chance to reach a large audience with your designs & inspire. This will not only give you the fame you deserve but also the chance to win great prizes worth several hundred euros, and you may soon have the opportunity to create your own complete collection of glass doors, sliding doors, pictures, kitchen backboards or chopping boards and to become the new STAR at design heaven

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